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LBJ Signed the Gun Control Act 50 Years Ago On This Date
by Causes
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  • Don

    I always enjoy the NRA trolls that crawl from under their rocks when “gun control” is mentioned. First, for any ordinary citizen, myself included, to presume to define what is or isn’t Constitutional is simply absurd. The Supreme Court interprets the Constitutionality of any law. It was the court that ruled the 2nd. Amendment is an individual right. It’s, also, that same court that said States have the right to exercise reasonable regulations. To assert any other position runs afoul of that ruling. I’m a gin owner, have been most of my life. Belonged to the NRA for 30 years, until I woke up to the fact that, as an organization, the NRA is not concerned about anything other than lobbying for weapons manufacturers and selling guns. I support universal, comprehensive background checks, one week waiting period, limit on number of purchases in a month, mandatory liability insurance as a condition for ownership. Every long gun I own can be called a “hunting” rifle. I decide what to hunt, when to hunt and how to hunt.


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