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Pew: Nearly Six-in-Ten Americans Say Abortion Should Be Legal in All or Most Cases – Where Do You Stand?
by Causes
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  • Nancy
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    Yes, abortion should be legal as the law says now. With sensible sex education and access to birth control this would and can be rare. People are going to keep having sex. It’s natural. We know how it happens. Pregnancy can be prevented. This is 2018. we know how to prevent it. Women should have the ability to decide when she wants to or can carry a fertilized egg to term. It is not always the kind thing for the eventual child. Just being able to make a baby does not mean one should be made. This is not the 1900’s. Women have been kept in bondage to biology for eons. It is not necessary at this time in history. If men gave birth their would be endless ways to put a stop to it. This patriarchal movement to control women’s bodies is disgusting. Let’s instead control men’s bodies if we want to avoid pregnancy or make impregnation illegal. No sex for you men. Pregnancy is totally dependent on men impregnating women. Let’s instead STOP men from impregnating women. Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.


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