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UPDATE: Kavanaugh Has the Votes for Confirmation After Senators' Announcements
by Causes
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  • Mark

    JEFF - your anticipated decision to support Kavanaugh, and that of your party peers, is so sad, but unfortunately - and I hate to say it - totally expected. Railroad partisan politics wins at the end of the day. Kavanaugh’s role in potential sexual assault was investigated in cursory fashion by the FBI, again as expected. There are two problems that I see. First, the FBI didn’t investigate potential perjury in front of the U.S. Senate - for fear of what they might find, according to Mr. McGhan’s comments supporting the limitation of the investigation. Second - and in my mind most important - was Judge Kavanaugh’s indignant, partisan, and threatening interaction with the Senate last Thursday. I watched it and was appalled: “What goes around comes around” - really? Seriously?! How can Americans depend upon this fellow to be unbiased and possess a judicial demeanor and temperament when cases that represent any of his STATED political “adversaries” - who represent more than half of the country’s population - come before him during his lifetime appointment? This partisan process really stinks to high heaven. It damages the integrity of the Supreme Court and respect for the Republican Party. This outcome will have horrifying impacts on American democracy. You and the other elected public servants in the Senate should show leadership and serve all Americans! You were not elected to serve the White House! Please recognize this, demonstrate integrity, and vote against Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation!


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