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Major Cases in New SCOTUS Term – Should Kavanaugh Be the Tie-Breaker?
by Causes
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  • Barbara
    Voted No

    Do t confirm Kavanaugh. His views are completely out of the mainstream, he is so partisan he would have to recuse himself from too many cases, his views about women ( the charges, his rulings, his treatment of the women on the Judiciary Committee) should disqualify him, he clearly lacks the temperament to be a judge at any level and his behavior at the hearing completely belief his claims about being fair and impartial, and he lied about things large and small this time and during his prior confirmation hearings. He is an “old boy” who, like mist GOP men in the Senate, have no respect for women. His ascension would be a travesty and would forever taint both the Senate and the Court. Senators need to heed their conscientious and vote Nzo


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