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Should Kavanaugh be Disqualified Over His Partisanship Remarks?
by Causes
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  • Kay
    Voted No

    NO. All American’s have a Right to Believe in One Party or the Other. It’s Non of Your Business (Within Reason). Judge Kavanaugh is an Excellent Choice for a Court Justice. He’s Honest, Fair and Just, a Constitutionally Minded Man. Justice Gingrich On the Other Hand Has Proven Her Bitting Partisanship Over and Over. Justice Gingrich has Stated, “the US Constitution is Out Dated and Needs to Be Removed.” Gingrich had Shown Bigotry, Racism, Cruelty, Hatred and Shes Been Known to Sleep Through Hearing, Meetings, etc. and Stated She Does Not Support the POTUS, His Administration or their Agenda. If You Want to Clean Up the US Supreme Court then Replace Judges that Don’t Believe in Our Republic’s US Constitution Rule of Law. The Rule of Law They Swore an Oath to Respect, Follow and Protect. Create Limits on Health, Physical or Mental and the Senility Level of a Person. Unhealthy, Incoherent, Unable to Stay Awake, Senility and Crushingly Bitter. She Needs to be Removed. Stop Playing with This Mans Life! Get On with It and Place Fine, Up Standing Justice Kavanaugh On Our US Supreme Court Because He Will Follow Our Republic’s US Constitution Rule of Law.

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