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Committee Watch: Russian Influence in the Middle East & Looking Back at Big Bank Bankruptcy
by Causes
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  • Poli.Sci

    Russia is looking for a larger market to send its pipelines underground and supply energy for a better economic output. They also wish to expand its Sphere of Influence regionally through its military allies and break up the US-led coalitions that are spread throughout the Middle East. We can always work with Russia instead of demonizing them, that way their people will find a stronger voice and understand that Authoritarian rule is not the direction of their country. On Broadband, the United States is far behind other countries by getting internet access and proper levels of data fields to rural areas. Heck it’s bad enough when you are traveling through the countryside and you lose all signal, which is terrible in cases of emergency. Broadband should be expand and funded by local internet companies because they have the money to do this, but they only hoard their revenues. With greater services the people around will go to those companies, so investing in broader broadband is a must, regardless of the difficulties of achieving this.

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