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‘Contraception Deserts’ Likely To Widen Under New Trump Administration Policy - Do We Need To Restrict Contraception Access?
by Kaiser Health News
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  • Steven
    Voted No

    Limiting access to contraceptives is a mistake. People are going to have sex no matter what. Not having safe, affordable options for contraception available, we'll likely see a spike in unhealthy newborn population, domestic violence, people seeking government assistance, and even people working around the system to use unsafe methods to take matters in their own hands - adding to the population of people seeking emergency medical care. Your religious beliefs are not necessarily mine and basing government regulation on the beliefs of a few is wrong. One more question. Why are there so many advertisements for safe, discreet Erectile Dysfunction medications lately? Maybe ED is God's way of teaching abstinence. Why would we allow businesses to circumvent that?


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