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Whip Count on Kavanaugh Leans Confirmation
by Axios
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  • Sharon

    What is wrong with you people in Congress? This appointment to a lifetime seat on the highest court in our country should be filled with people of unimpeachable integrity who are unlikeliest to be influenced by or into corruption. Kavanaugh historically, by behavior and written opinion, demonstrated over the years bias against women, privileged white man’s bias, and moral corruption evidenced by his serial sexual assault on women. I recognize that he fits the conservative political agenda nicely, but the Supreme Court is supposed to be apolitical by direction of the Constitution. Anyone who votes to confirm this man’s appointment at this juncture, when assault claims have not been investigated and 81-year-old Bill Cosby was just sentenced for like sexual conduct, is demonstrating a breathtaking lack of ethics and moral compass that is frightening in those who are supposed to hold the equality and welfare of ALL citizens of this country as their moral duty and responsibility. Do not vote to confirm this man, please!

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