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The Latest: Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Hearing
by Causes
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  • Maryjane

    Subsequent to Thursday’s Blasey-Ford / Kavanaugh hearing, the American Bar Association has now called for a RENEWED FBI investigation into allegations to take place BEFORE a vote to confirm Kavanaugh. This is only right & reasonable. Kavanaugh’s angry, emotional, ARROGANT, ENTITLED pushback against Dr. Ford’s testimony may well be only the well-rehearsed ploy of a cornered LIAR after weeks-long White House coaching. Dr. Ford has no personal gain in this episode. Kavanaugh has very much to gain by lying to cover his raucous “good old boy club” past that doesn’t match his carefully-crafted good Catholic choirboy, only son image of judge. The Twitterverse checked him on his yearbook comments about “devil’s triangle” & “Boof”. Certainly Kavanaugh IS NOT a “Best” person to appoint for life to the highest judicial body, but he IS a person hand- picked to make certain Trump has unfettered presidential power, unchecked by impeachment.

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