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The Latest: Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Hearing
by Causes
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  • Moriah

    Voting to confirm Kavanaugh is a slap in the face. He has clearly shown an inability to be non-partisan. His attack on Democrats yesterday was beyond offensive. Not only do I view this whole debacle as a power play by Republicans to advance an agenda that represents a whopping 20% of Americans, I fundamentally believe this is a rallying cry of powerful men to maintain their control. “Boys will be boys” continues to be the mentality. Yesterday was not a criminal trial. Proof beyond a shadow of a doubt is not required. Dr. Ford was a CREDIBLE witness. There is no reason to ignore her statements. Confirming a man for life to one of the most powerful positions in the world should require thoughtful consideration. There has been no consideration of the impact to generations of women by this reckless decision. I am forever disgusted by your actions to confirm this man to the Supreme Court.

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