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The DC: ⚖️ Kavanaugh's sexual assault hearing, and... 🤝 Trump prefers a two-state solution — do you?
by Causes
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  • Mark

    JEFF - Dr. Ford’s testimony was extremely compelling and believable. Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony was partisan and unhinged. He was not credible. He showed that he has neither the demeanor nor the objectivity to serve for a lifetime as a Supreme Court Justice. He showed his seething disrespect for “the other side” - more than half the population of this country - so how can he be expected to objectively and honestly adjudicate partisan issues that come before the Court? He and Grassley won’t volunteer to engage the FBI to investigate this and other credible accusations of sexual predation - even though the accusers are more than willing to do so. Grassley won’t agree to hear other accusers or known witnesses, like Mark Judge - what a bloody circus this is! DO NOT vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation!! There are MANY other candidates on Trumps list who aren’t credibly accused of being sexual predators. Kick Kavanaugh to the curb and tell POTUS to nominate another - and better - candidate! You are an elected public servant who should serve all Americans, not the President, and not the GOP. You are leaving the Senate after this term - follow your heart, and do the right thing, in the approach of JOHN McCain. We need a public servant with courage RIGHT NOW. Please-please-please do not vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh!


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