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A New Project to Bring Bipartisanship to D.C.
by Axios
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  • BiG-G
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    They do not listen to us now. What makes any sense having another worthless program in Washington. If they have not figured it out by now. Having a touchy/ feely comity just another waste of time and money. Nothing is going to change until we get all the Lobbyists, and the Old men out. Term Limits sound good, If I remember right the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional sometime in the 80s or 90s. So that would leave us with a mandatory retirement age. That alone would more than likely have about 25% to maybe up to 40%. Depending on the age limit, that would be set. I believe that this should include all of the branches of the Federal Government, including the President all the way down. As well as the Supreme Court Judges. No one in their 70s up to their 90s should be still working in any position of power, due to health conditions especially diminished mental issues that may develop.


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