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Judge Returns Yellowstone Grizzlies to Endangered Species List
by Causes
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  • Joe
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    I have backpacked in Wyoming (Wind River Range, Yellowstone and Tetons) and Montana (Bob Marshall Wilderness), and in prime grizzly habitat. Bears are no more a threat to humans now than at anytime in the past. Hunters who say they are just want to kill them for trophies, not for protection. Originally, in North America, there were over 100,000 bears, both grizzly and black. Today the grizzly population numbers 2000 or less. To say they are "recovered" is laughable and said only by politicians who see money coming into state treasures from big game hunting fees. The Grizzly bear is an icon of the wild west and the western national parks and wilderness areas. They should be protected for all time. Additionally, the argument that they will become too numerous is specious and exhibits ignorance of animal behavior and habitat. It is well known that bears prefer habitats with known sources of berries and wild game namely injured elk or deer they can chase down and kill. If wild game becomes scarce because other bears move in on occupied teritory, either a confrontation occurs with injury or death or one will leave. Nature has controlled large game populations for centuries without the help of trophy hunters. Bears greatly fear man and avoid confrontations except when cornered on defending their young. Men, on the other hand, go looking for confrontation; looking to kill not for food but for sport. That may be fine on private land, but NEVER on public land, especially national parks and wilderness areas.


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