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New Accuser Says Kavanaugh Targeted Girls for Sexual Assault
by Axios
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  • AbbyYetter

    Kavanuagh is not fit to be a judge at all, let alone a Supreme Court justice. Anyone who has even one of these serious, credible accusations leveled against them cannot possibly be unbiased in cases concerning women’s rights, victim’s rights, or sexual harassment and assault. Coupled with the fact that he has lied about numerous parts of his past or omitted details which would further disqualify him, it is clear that he is completely unfit for this position. This process is a job interview- not a criminal investigation (although there needs to be one of those, too). Kavanuagh is unfit for this job, and you must vote “NO” on his nomination. Find another nominee who is better qualified and honest and beyond reproach to sit on the highest court in the land.

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