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Non-Consensual Pelvic Exams on Unconscious Women Legal in 45 States
by Causes
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  • Caroline

    This unethical practice needs to be stopped now in the US! It’s tantamount to having non-consensual sex after being given a roofie. If they want to do them on women while under anesthesia, get their signed consent BEFOREHAND during either a pre-op appointment or when they check-in for the procedure when the anesthesia will be given. What do they tell patients when they do a pelvic exam and it turns up positive for something? Oh, while you were out a doctor-in-training stopped in and did a little pelvic exam on you and noticed that you have a problem that needs further checking, so you need to go see your regular doctor? Or do you just not tell them, hoping the problem is found before it could kill the woman? Do they also have doctors-in-training do prostrate exams on men while they’re under anesthesia? If not, why not? Both need training on how to do. What happened to the Hippocratic oath?


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