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Kavanaugh Accuser Offers to Testify, With Conditions
by Axios
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  • Bruce
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    Dr. Ford has had ample time to prepare. Her charges are ambiquitus in that she has no memory of anything except two names the judges and Mr. Judge. Both have been deposed under penalty of felony charges. She has changed her story at least three times. She was given the extra week she asked for but now demands an extra day supposedly to decide whether to testify. This is the third excuse to delay (afraid to fly that was proven false, protection for her family which was offered overr a week ago, and finally she needs one more day). I don't need to live on a farm to know Bull S__t when I smell it. She demanded to be heard publicly which was granted but then she wanted to be heard privately which was granted and then she did not want to come to Washington. DC which was granted. Finally she was demanding to be heard in public again but the man she has accused must testify before her, not be in the room when she publically attacks him, the camera angles must be changed to only show her from one view (I'm assuming her good side), no lawyers can ask questions an finally only Senators may ask questions. By the way does that exclude Senators that are lawyers? Oh, one more thing - why has she not released her statement to the press, but only to Feinstine whose. Has shown it to other Democrats Senators in its interacted form and no one else has seen this full document including any Republic Senator


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