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Should Life Insurance Policies Require Fitness Tracking?
by Causes
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  • caroleldridge
    Voted No

    Should not be a requirement. Optional maybe. Life insurance is way too expensive for the amount of insurance one should carry, and many people don’t carry it for that reason. Why not lower premiums for everyone? They’d end up with more policy holders. When you turn 70, you pay the same premium for half the benefit. That’s when most people need the insurance the most but drop it because the premiums have become too high for the benefit. If seniors wear these devices, will their benefits remain the same or still drop? Too intrusive - I don’t want my data available to be shared with or stolen by anyone; and once computerized, it easily can and will be! This requirement is disguised as being for the insurance policy holder’s benefit; but, in reality, the company only wants to be able to collect premiums longer for their benefit.


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