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Space Force Estimated to Cost $13 Billion in First Five Years – Should Congress OK the Funds?
by Causes
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  • D.

    NO!! Let’s look at this logically. Possible purposes for a space force: #1. Military presence against other countries. If we do it they will also. No one on the planet will be safe anywhere. #2. Protection against foreign space bodies (ie: asteroids ect...). This can be accomplished by a multi nation group of scientists working together. Every single nation on the planet should have a scientist/engineer involved. The planet belongs to us all. #3. Alien invasion. Well... our government says they don’t exist, so no military presence is necessary. And even if there are, who’s to say they’d be out to harm us? Aren’t there trillions of planets in the universe? Why bother with troublesome humans when you can find one empty? So I really don’t see any logical purpose to have any military presence in space whatsoever, unless we’re being lied to and kept in the dark. I say our government has to give concrete reasons for a space force that don’t include using the excuse of keeping us safe from other nations... because that’s poppycock. There should be a planetary wide ban on military forces in space.


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