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Supreme Court Strikes Down Effort to Shield Dark-Money Disclosure
by Axios
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  • Frances
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    Dark money is the most democracy killing element in our election, and you would know Rep. Shuster, along with your protege, Dr, Joyce, who inherited your dark money coffers, probably in exchange for doing your bidding when you become a lobbyist, to make even more money for your greedy self! Get it out of politics, before we become a totalitarian dictatorship run by gang mobsters, like Putin, whom you republicans love more than your own constituents, because they pay your more, and the Republican god is money! And Putin will help you get money from us to keep for yourselves by selling our country to your worst enemy! YOU, SEN. TOOMEY, WHO FAVOR KAVANAUGH DO SO BECAUSEHE RULED THAT BIG FOREING MONEY PACS CAN OPERATE LEGALLY IN THE UNTIED STATES! IF THAT ISN'T TREASON, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS! IF KAVANAUGH GETS ON THE Supreme Court, WE WILL BECOME ANOTHER SUBJECT COUN TRY TO RUSSIA, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS WILL END, ALONG WITH MANY OTHER FREEDOMS WE HAVE BEEN GUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION, WHICH WILL NO LONGER BE OUR INSTRUMENT OF GOVERNMENT, AND REPORTERS WHO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY WILL END UP DEAD IN THEIR CARS, OR POISONED BY TOXIC CHEMICALS, JUST LIKE PUTIN DOES! OF COURSE, SEN. CASEY, NON OF THIS APPLIES TO YOU!

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