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Should the Supreme Court Have Term Limits?
by Causes
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  • Dave

    I think term limit may not be good, it’s a double edged sword for good or bad judges! I think impeachment should be always look at by congress as to their constitutional duties. The standard for a Supreme Court judge should be the highest standard in the nation. A background check is an understatement! Their shit should even come out clean. They represent democracy of the United States of America, unbiased and no political views, connection or beliefs, and open mind! For an example; company that had a seniority fair better in a down turn , because they had to get rid of the good and bad employees, it balances out in the lone run. Companies that did not have a seniority went out of business or close . It is a balance of knowledge, humanity and understanding plus what is right for the all, not for just a few, it's called a democracy. No one makes it on their own.

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