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Kavanaugh and His Accuser to Testify Publicly on Monday
by Axios
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  • Donna
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    I support the perceived due process and commitment to fairness this hearing is meant to display to the American people. Unfortunately, it will devolve into a circus like every other hearing - confirmation, oversight, etc., this Senate has had in the past two years. The Republicans will vilify the alleged victim and toss softball questions to the accused. The Democrats will do exactly the opposite and in the end, no justice will be served. I don't believe for one minute that anyone on this shameful committee is interested in the truth. They are interested in protecting the nominee, destroying the woman's life and satisfying the public outcry before jamming this potentially undeserving man onto the bench of our highest court. This may be entertaining to watch for some, like a train wreck in slow motion, but will not ultimately provide any useful information to the public this man will most likely take an oath to serve.

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