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Graham, Flake, Corker Want to Hear From Kavanaugh Accuser - Should the Senate Delay Voting?
by Axios
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  • Arizonagirl81

    Just saw & read the portion that the press has printed...what little there was. I have NOT changed my mind or position AT ALL. She was groped/assaulted, and while that IS unfortunate & despicable, What she described happened TO ME several times at ‘gatherings’ I attended. In the 80’s, that kind of thing was WHAT HAPPENED! Probably shouldn’t have, but it DID. They were KIDS, there was alcohol present. Nearly EVERYONE has a story like that. My ISSUE with this whole situation is it has been THIRTY+ YEARS! NO STATEMENT, NO police report, NO questioning, NO verification or confirmation or denial of time or place can be made & be BELIEVED!! EVERY person has something to regret in life, some are minor infractions, some major...but an ACCUSATION, YEARS AND YEARS later, with NO ACTION TAKEN at the time should have a statute of limitations! Adults, with no other repeats of bad behavior, should NOT be made to pay for a 1-off altercation that doesn’t include murder, that happened when a child or teenager. It’s horrible & I believe she was fearful, had a reason to be scared. But had she truly CARED about others (WEINSTEIN, Cosby & Hollywood comes to mind!!), then ACTION should have been made THEN! It wasn’t reported that she was fearful of a ‘boys club’ of cops or lawyers who might have ignored her...she states that SHE DIDN’T report it. She never pressed charges against the 2nd person, states ‘he looked ashamed’, but she never SPOKE to him. I wouldn’t believe anything HE said either, people can be bought, statements & memories PAID FOR. THIS kind of coming forward, NOW, when it benefits HER & AGAINST Kavanaugh, SHRIEKS of a DESPERATE attempt to keep a good, honest, America-loving, Constitution-following, honorable man out of a position that Americans desperately need him in. Please, Mr. Flake, BE honorable & STOP this ridiculous, desperate, DIS-HONORABLE attempt at going after a decent person THIRTY+ years after a small altercation which he has NO way to respond to. Sure he can admit it happened, or deny it. People will believe him, or they won’t. IT SHOULDN’T MATTER. SHE waited WAY TOO LONG to be be honorable or believable. She CHOSE to NOT come forward then, WHY NOW?! Wants her 5 minutes of fame? Being paid by the left?! NEITHER of those reasons are Acceptable!! NOW is when she comes forward. WHY?! WHY NOW? Because the Left doesn’t want him, they want chaos, anarchy & violence according to statements & behavior from Left-Loonies Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi & Pocahontas Warren & completely clueless Diane W....don’t get me started! Americans are NOT going to put up with this petty crap anymore! And I don’t apologize for the opening lines of my 1st statement. I tell everyone that I think you’re a flake. A lot of my friends, who are also Arizonans agree. I’d say it to your face, so no apology, but I do ask that you man-up & do the honorable thing & STOP THE BS! CONFIRM Kavanaugh now!!

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