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Should Businesses Be Allowed to Price Gouge During Hurricanes?
by Causes
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  • SneakyPete

    👎🏻 SAD PROGRESSIVE PRICE GOUGING COMMENTS 👎🏻 I’ve an ancient Army Sergeant Major’s saying that I’d surely wish that a MAJORITY of our opposition Progressive Democrats would consider before making some of their obvious incorrect biased comments. I’m quite sure that if they follow this very simple rule, they will not put their foot👣 in their mouth, and making an 🐴outa themselves. I offer it 4 FREE, so here it is, and use it well, before opening ones, mouth: “ Before Opening Ones Mouth To Speak Count Slowly to 10 In-Order to Save Themselves Much Political EMBARRASSMENT” 9*14*18 ..... SneakyPete .....

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