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School Safety Commission Will Not Recommend New Age Limits on Gun Purchases - Should There Be Age Limits?
by Axios
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  • Alexandra

    Yes absolutely !!! If you can only drink at age 21, then you should only be allowed to own a gun at age 21. The same should go for getting married, voting & driving. Kids these days are way too immature, feel entitled and alienated from reality thanks to overprotective parents with poor values. Life is tough. If you want the right to have or achieve something, you have to earn it by showing you are a responsible human being! You have to learn to drive & get a license in order to drive. To get married, you should show you have sufficient financial skills & means to get married, at the very least to have a job and be independent from parents. To go to war you should be 21 years old. You also need more maturity and be politically informed to vote 🗳 responsibly !

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