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Trump Considering Sanctions on China Over Muslim Detention Camps
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  • Chris
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    The actions of the Chinese government in regards to the Uighur population in Xinjiang are horrendous. The forced imprisonment of adults, the indoctrination children, and spying by "relatives" (i.e. government workers Uighur families are forced to host) amount to clear human rights violations. Combined with the physical destruction of the old town in Kashgar, the historic capital of Uighur culture, and other sites, in sddition to the de facto outlawing of speaking Uighur, of their ability to practice their faith, Islam, and harassing people who express non-Han customs and culture, it is tantamount to Cultural Genocide. While there may be some legitimate security risks, the methods employed by Beijing do not justify the means. In order for the United States to have any credibility as a Free Country we must both denounce these abuses, while taking actions against the perpetrators. If we fail to take action our enemies will be proven right, that we are a selfish nation, unwilling to speak up for the tired, poor, and downtrodden, unless it serves us. We will be a Nation of Cowards! For if China succeds, and is able to destroy a whole culture while we watch, it will show our Highest Principles mean nothing. China wants us to look away, as do our enemies, but We, as a nation, must all stand together firmly and call out this indefensible injustice!

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