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Tell Your Reps: Do You Support Trump’s Plan to Indefinitely Detain Unauthorized Immigrant Families?
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  • Gail

    Seeking asylum at any port of entry is totally legal and part of an agreement between a majority of developed countries. Stop criminalizing those who have journeyed far and risked their lives to escape gang warfare, poverty and war to seek asylum in our country. Do some homework on the conditions in El Savador, Honduras and Guatemala to understand the conditions that result in the desperate decision to travel with children to our doorsteps. It is not ignorance, greed or stupidity that motivates such a journey, but hope and desperation. Instead of acting superior to others with snap judgments and condemnation, try to understand. Instead of judging what you don’t understand, forgive it and try to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. How fortunate are you that you do not have to rip yourself from your homes to survive or protect your children from kidnapping or worse. This blessing has come to you not because you are superior, but because of where you were born. Appreciate that and have some compassion for those less fortunate than yourself. If you cannot feel that, then perhaps you need to do some work on healing or opening your own heart.

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