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Should Protesting Be Illegal?
by Causes
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  • Margaret
    Voted No

    First amendment rights. But what is the difference between someone showing up and making their viewpoint made known verses someone who rants in 120 characters online? Oh the person who shows up is harder to ignore and CAN speak in more than 120 characters. They also have the courage and conviction of what they are saying to DO IT IN PERSON and not hide. Is it really hard to face opposition behind a keyboard when you're facing a screen? Not to mention the fact that there is power in numbers. If 3 million people respond to a post online that's just a number and you have to care enough to look to know what they are saying. You don't know if it is support or opposition. If 3 million people show up at a rally for opposition you KNOW what side they are on. Just because so many people protest in opposition to YOU Mr. President doesn't make it an embarrassment to the country. You may be your company, but you ARE NOT the country and most certainly not any country I want to live in.


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