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Colin Kaepernick Becomes New Face of Nike’s “Just Do It” Campaign
by Axios
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  • Maureen
    Voted Angry

    Kaepernick is suing the NFL. Nike has an exclusive contract to provide merchandise to NFL. Football has lost viewership over the last two years. There are more patriotic people who believe in respect for the American flag/ National Anthem, than those who don't. Kaepernick and other athletes should keep the protests out of the workplace. Police officers, doing their jobs, lost their lives because of reactions to the protests. (Reminder: these protests began during the previous administration). There are other sports attire companies out there. This action could adversely affect Nike employees and their families. I respect the rights of private individuals (eg Kaepernick) to exercise their freedom of speech. I respect the rights of companies (eg Nike, NFL) to choose their employees. I reserve the right to spend my hard earned income as I see fit (eg buying (or not) American made products, choosing brands etc). I respect other consumer's rights to choose how they spend their hard earned income.


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