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Chaos in the Senate As Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Begin: Disruption or Civil Disobedience?
by Axios
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  • Joseph

    Protest more and stop this!!! Why are the republicans so scared of the public seeing all documents related to this person. Here is why Republicans don’t give a damn what this man does or thinks as long as they can put him on the bench. This is bullshit this man will have the ability to shape the laws of our country which means say goodbye to gay rights, women’s, rights, common sense gun laws and voting rights this man should not be on the bench. we need all information and documents. What are they hiding that they don’t want the people to know or is it let’s rush this before the midterms oh wait I thought republicans said there should be no Supreme Court picks during an election cycle. They are all liars and cowards. This is why we all need to GET OUT and VOTE!!!! Let’s kick as many of them out if the senate as we can.

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