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Colin Kaepernick Becomes New Face of Nike’s “Just Do It” Campaign
by Axios
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    This is the most anti-American, rebellious, and ungrateful thing that I've ever heard. He claims that he is kneeling to stand against oppression, but funny, he probably is making more money than I will ever see. And let me just say, he has not sacrificed anything. He may have lost his job, but, believe me, he is getting paid an extreme amount of money for this campaign. How about the soldiers that bled and died unselfishly because they loved their country so much. They died to gain and keep our freedom. We owe them everything. They are the true heroes who have truly sacrificed. For what? The satisfaction that the people of their beloved country continued to be free. If this had been done fifty years ago, he and Nike would have been labeled as anti-American sympathizers. Patriotism and Loyalty used to be important in this country, and to some of us it still is. People used to love their country, the flag, the National Anthem, and anything that stood for our country. Protesting is a right, but don't go so low as to do it during a time of honoring our God, our country, and the soldiers who have given their lives for us. Have we forgotten everything our country is to us? Have we forgotten our history? No, I will not buy anything Nike ever again.

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