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Robocalls Warn Seniors Net Neutrality Will Raise Phone Bills by $30
by Causes
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  • Ritch

    Businesses should be allowed to charge what they want for the services the provide. At the same time they shouldn’t be allowed to change their services to the harm of the buyer after the contract is agreed to. So, if my mom who barely uses the internet wants “just enough” internet she shouldn’t have to pay for a premium “unlimited” plan that one of my kids wants. If and when governments fix prices two things ALWAYS happen: prices go up, and quality goes down. We managed to have huge improvements in performance and costs before Obama’s net neutrality regulations. That will continue as long as the government doesn’t stick it regulatory arm where it doesn’t belong. Then the PEOPLE can decide what’s important to them: price or quantity, not some government bureaucrat. That is the heart of freedom. If you want government fixing prices and services try Cuba, China or Russia.


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