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Warren Rolls Out Anti-Corruption Overhaul Amidst U.S. Scandals
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  • Cndrla

    Support this Bill! The corruption and racism in politics is astonishing. Again my litmus test when your looking at a bill, “is this bill good for the common good or bad for the common good?” This is simple. We are watching every bill you people are voting on and who’s financing your campaign. What special interest is influencing you? Is it a special interest that is good for the common good or just good for corporate America and the top 1%? We will scrutinize every move you make. We will support and vote for politicians who have diversity and integrity. We will fight to hold on to our voting rights and for fair clean elections that serve the common good and not only the wealthy. Get dark money out of politics. What has happen to our nation is not the new normal. How about all the campaign dollar goes into one pot. Each candidate gets equal dollars. Also ban political ads that are not factual. If you lie in a campaign ad you are disqualified from the race. We teach our children not to lie. It should not be ok for political leaders to lie with no consequences. This is an awakening for change. Either jump on bored or prepare to be voted out.


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