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Senate GOP Hedges on Pre-Existing Conditions
by Axios
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  • Janise

    Pre-existing conditions are a fact of life. I don’t know about anyone else But for me it is truly a matter of life or death. My daughter suffers from SCD and she is going on 42 years old..... which is old for people with her condition. If she was not treated with the actual life giving apheresis procedure my daughter would truly be dead. The need for this monthly procedure is costly but with the new plan y’all are trying to vote for she would most likely be dead in less then a year. Not only does my daughter suffer from pre-existing. I suffer from four health conditions and three mental health condition. My grandson Hemoglobin SE, another form of SiCD, several of my siblings have various pre-existing health conditions. We worked hard, paid our taxes and lived a normal life like most people. Please a ask y’all do not vote for this plan!!

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