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Report: Betsy DeVos Considers Using Federal Funds to Arm Teachers
by Axios
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  • Linda smith
    Voted Oppose

    I think this is a really stupid idea for several reasons. First if teachers were armed and a shower appeared, nobody would know who the good gus were and who the bad guy is. it would be a wild west gun fight with innocents being killed by the swat team who could not identify the shooter.\ second, every day there are arrests of teachers who sexually abuse kids and physically abuse kids. Do we want these teachers to have guns too? My biggest prayer is that the GOP stops catering to the violent base who wants everyone to have all kinds of guns. Guns need to be controlled. Our country is going downhill and the GOP is facilitating this. We are the most violent country in the developed world, we are facilitating dishonesty and corruption by ignoring high crimes in our government officials, we are abusing children, we have turned into a country with no morals. I pray the GOP wakes up and becomes again a party with morals.


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