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U.S. Prisoners Strike, Seek ‘End to Modern Slavery’
by Causes
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  • Kathy

    Good for the prisoners I Stand With Them. The Prison System is the New Jim Crow. Corporations are having their good produce in Private Prisons. Private Prison stock jump up as soon as for 45 took office as well as given the highest position in Justice Department to a known racist Jeff Sessions. 45 talk about wanting to fire Sessions BS. Sessions is doing all his dirt work in turning this country into a Police State. Sessions is busy going back to fell policies of Richard Nixon era. A lot of job lost can be attributed to Industrial Prison Complexion. The human, financial cost that we spent as country keeping people incarcerated could fix a lot of issues the Republicans always talk about there no money for. Every citizen needs to ask the people they elect to office what’s your state is spent to keep people incarcerated? Back between 1875 to 1928 and I’m sure much longer good old State of Alabama Jeff Sessions home had a program call Convict Lease System where the state rented out prisoners to various companies to make money. So this is nothing new, this country has a DARK past that one day will have to be deal with. We also need to know how much money is Private Prisons put into the pocket of Congress members. They need to be talked about just like the NRA.


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