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Your Turn: Should Schools Cut Back to 4 Days a Week?
by Causes
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  • VAF

    If there is a supervising adult at home, I’m all for this. If you’re trading one cost, schooling, for another, day care, then this is a stupid move. At least at school, children might be using their time productively. We home schooled our children, and found we only needed to formally teach them two and a half six hour days per week, with math three three-hour days a week. The math hours included homework, for the other classes, we allowed for three hours a week of homework, not including reading, which required two books a month. For our boys, lots and lots of physical activity kept their minds sharp. I’m still all for school choice. Reduced real estate taxes for school funding should allow at least one parent to stay home if the parents choose a four day school week for the child.


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