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After Genoa: Is the U.S. at Risk of a Catastrophic Bridge Collapse?
by Causes
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  • burrkitty

    Our infrastructure is crumbling, and has been crumbling for a decade or two. Most of the US is infrastructure was built right after WWII. Since then it has been rarely upgraded and barely maintained. Governments always find more flashy things to spend the money on then roadwork until lots of people complain. We desperately need a large influx of money into rebuilding the US infrastructure, Bridges, roads, canals, municipal water systems... they all need serious work. If we took a quarter of the money we give to the Defense Department and gave it to infrastructure, the problem would be solved in three years. And the only reason it would take three years is because it takes time to do infrastructure work. It could be pretty much fully funded in one year. The DOD takes ~20% of the funding of the federal government. If 5% of that was given to infrastructure we would have the best infrastructure in the world.

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