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On This Date: FDR Made Marijuana Illegal 81 Years Ago
by Causes
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  • Juanita

    The ONLY reason that was done, was because the hemp farmers were growing more hemp than the Slave owning, Glutenous cotton farmers could keep up with. They complained loudly that their great Plantations were going broke, because the Cotton Industry could not keep up with the Hemp growers, and the people found a better product for clothing in the Hemp, over the cotton. This was the ONLY reason it was outlawed, because the big, rich cotton plantation owners were going broke and they refused to let that happen (they were big time Politicians in the Cotton industry, and so the President decided it was necessary to close down the Hemp farmers to efficiently take care of the politically savvy Cotton Plantations. Again I’m stating this is the ONLY reason it was done. It had absolutely nothing to do with Marijuana as a was hemp and hemp alone that outlawed it!!


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