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Should the First Amendment Protect Unite the Right 2 Protesters?
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  • Arizonagirl81

    Since Freedom of Speech means EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of white supremacists are usually doing in their protests, they should be allowed to meet, but once the hateful, racist speech starts, shut them down. Better, make sure that they understand what they are allowed to say, or NOT say beforehand, & tell them the outcome of such speech, before they meet. We have enough violence now, & since it always seems to start with hateful rhetoric, they should then be shut down. IF counter-protesters show up & do the same thing, they should be shut down as well. Freedom of speech should mean that you can say what you want, but once it turns to action, that’s when it’s unlawful. But remember too, that until words are ACTED on, they are JUST WORDS!! Words cannot hurt someone—ACTIONS do. When people react in temper, that person is GIVING CONTROL to the person who is making them mad. Do you (whoever) really want to give that person control over you? It’s an INSULT to the person speaking for their audience to just stand or sit there, smiling, absorbing the words while deflecting the hate being spewed while remaining calm. (though it very hard to do!) They WANT a reaction! They want the other side of the belief to LOSE CONTROL, freak out, lose tempers, get violent—it is their way of co firming for themselves that they are right!! Don’t GIVE them the satisfaction! BUT, regardless of Free Speech, Hate & Calls to action to commit violence is NEVER ok!


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