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Should Live Organ Donations Be Easier? Should Selling Human Organs be Legal?
by Causes
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  • Abbi

    On the question of should selling human organs being legal, I'm going to say No. it needs to be regulated as it is now. If selling organs is legal there will be a market for people that probably don't have to ask where or who they came from. We have enough serial killers and missing people don't you think? The organ donor program has strict testing, regulations, record keeping, I don't want to see a free market for this because we've seen what for profit health care does. It leaves poor people to die. The most vulnerable among us will probably end up as unwilling donors regardless of how many restrictions are set in place. There's also the moral implications of very desperate people selling their organs. Can we please just have Medicare for all? Many people die without health care. My friend died recently I don't think he even knew he had diabetes, if he did he would have taken way better care of himself. We can encourage people to donate organs through the legal donor program. I'm a registered organ donor, my family knows it. We can encourage that. John Oliver even encouraged it with a hashtag #pleasetakemykidneyswhenIdie. It can be done. Making organs profitable will result in a lot of vulnerable people being willing or unwilling donors.

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