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Should the U.S. Ban Gay Conversion Therapy?
by Causes
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  • Jean

    ITEM: "Has your state banned gay conversion therapy? Do you want it to? Or do you feel the bans infringe on First Amendment rights?: MY RESPONSE: Colorado apparently has legislation pending, and I fully support it, in part because promoters of conversion therapy are primarily religious zealots and it is best to -- as in the case of plural marriages -- put an end to it as a matter of separation of church and state. There is LITTLE TO NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that it works, and more that it is harmful. And, what does banning something harmful have to do with a licensed therapist's First Amendment rights? That argument is simply another attempt at the "anything is free speech" paradigm, now so often used to get one's way, and further undermine the meaning of the First Amendment, overturn the notion that free speech is NOT unlimited, and thus abuse the rule of law.


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