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Trump Administration Shifts Responsibility for Reuniting Families to ACLU
by Causes
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  • Michael

    The ACLU appears to have all the data on all the illegals and their children’s whereabouts. Why aren’t they spearheading any attempts to reunite them? If they feel this administration’s oversight of a decade-old department is that corrupt, why not use their knowledge to right a wrong? No, instead they play politics with peoples’ lives. We have hungry, homeless and abused children in this country who were born to citizens who get chewed up by the system. Where’s the outrage? CPS/DYFS illegally separates children from their families all the time for less, yet no protests. No, instead let’s lose our minds over 2000 kids separated from their families because they put them at risk crossing deserts and rivers for no good reason (consulates are a safer crossing if your situation is legit). No never mind the tens of thousands of gets put into abusive foster systems regularly. This policy was put in place in 1997 and enforced by every administration since. Take your manufactured, “in-style” rage and read some papers on the topics.


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