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Your Turn: What Should We Do About Social Security?
by Causes
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  • Matt

    Why does it always feel like the sky is falling and no one wants to agree on a solution? Remove the ceiling on taxable income? The wealthy/middle class get mad. Increase payroll taxes? Businesses get mad. Reduce benefits? The poor get mad. Extend the benefit by increasing the eligible retirement age? Everyone close to being eligible gets mad at having to wait two more years. Here's an can please everyone, so why not just piss everyone off and implement all of those actions? That way no single solution has to be so impactful. Don't eliminate the taxable income ceiling, raise it slightly. Increase payroll taxes, but prohibitively. Reduce benefit payouts, but only for the wealthy, and make applying for SSI income based to exclude those who don't need it (or make their payouts much smaller). This needs to be a multifaceted approach to solving it.

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