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Your Turn: Is the War on Poverty ‘Largely Over and a Success’?
by Causes
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  • Joe

    Another bad but not funny joke imposed on the American people by the Trump Administration, who admittedly, loves to claim "a win". Poverty in America is alive and well! Have any members of this commission or administration actually seen poverty up close?! I seriously doubt it. They look at charts and graphs prepared by economists who don't go in search of poverty either. They wouldn't have to search far. Rural appalachian from Georgia to West Virginia, including Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Viriginia; slums of Washington D.C.; almost any Indian Reservation particularly those in the Dakotas and West of the Mississippi where there are virtually no jobs and the alcoholic and sucide rate are so high to be off the charts. Even in what is considered low employment cities there are pockets of people who are uneducated and/or disabled, single moms with no reliable source of income, many living and depending on the street for income. And the list goes on. The Donald Trumps of this world never see these people because they don't want too and don't want to admit they exist. So to make themselves feel good, they make govt assistance dependant on working and then declare poverty over. The arrogance is just overwhelming even to common ordinary Americans! Unfortunately, many members of Congress who draw a govt salary of $174,000 or more per year plus fees from speaking engagements, don't want to see it either eventhough they, technically and legally, "represent" these forgotten Americans. NO, poverty is not over and neither is the long-standing War on Poverty!


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