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Your Turn: Is the War on Poverty ‘Largely Over and a Success’?
by Causes
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  • Sharon

    Income inequality now is as pervasive as it was in the mid to late 1800’s when fat cats built summer homes and toured Europe but the majority of working US citizens couldn’t afford 3 meals a day. The stigma equating being poor with a character flaw has been promulgated since Clinton “fixed” welfare. Most of the poor now are WORKING poor yet again. They can’t get by on minimum wage and obviously can’t afford additional schooling. You have ruined our schools, made health care nearly impossible to get (check out Florida’s 30 day limit on filing for Medicaid), and assigned the “blame” of poverty to those struggling just to get through their day. Shame on the congresspeople who perpetuate such crass, degrading, and inhumane treatment of citizens in this the 21st century.

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