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The DC: 🛂 Thousands of unauthorized immigrant children remain separated from their parents and... 🦈 Should the U.S. ban the shark fin trade?
by Causes
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  • Gail

    So many commenters on here are misrepresenting the facts. It is NOT illegal to present yourself at the border, whether that is an airport, border crossing or port of entry seeking asylum. Many immigrants are doing just that because they have a credible fear for their lives. That is what makes a parent walk hundreds of miles with their children. Customs and Border Patrol take such folks into custody and interview them about the credible fear. During the question and answer session, the asylum-seeker must testify under oath that they have a fear of persecution if they return to their home country. Under international law, we have a duty not to return a person to a country where they may face torture or other serious harm. All of these steps are part of the US’ legal obligations toward asylum-seekers under the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, also known as the 1951 Refugee Convention. Next, asylum-seekers’ cases are then referred to a regional asylum office, where a determination will be made. So please stop telling us these people are all illegals and have to be deported. God forbid that the people who lack compassion and are so quick to judge ever find themselves needing to escape injury or threat to their lives. They will want others to see their value as people rather than treat them like inferiors. It is not weakness to treat others humanely. Even if in the end the person is deported, we should do so with respect to their humanity. That is how you would wish to be treated should you find yourself desperate to escape war, famine, poverty, drug lords, violent gangs, domestic violence, contagion or genocide.

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