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Report: Immigrant Military Recruits being Discharged from Army
by Axios
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  • Wayne

    The direction the Progressives with Maxine promoting intimidation and violence is going do you really think it’s wise to be training over 10,000 people that can say anything about their intentions but what if their lying? 10,000 men and I suppose women that will be on bases all over the US with possible access to lord knows what information. Familiar with armory’s, ammo and explosive materials. This was another Obama gift to America that wasn’t widely known outside the Military. How many times are we going to snake bit from Obamas vipers before we realize that there’s ulterior motives behind every thing he did? Right move, there maybe some with true intentions but what vetting process was in place? Stop worrying about hurting somebody’s feelings and look a the larger more serious and possibly deadly consequences.


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