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Pharma Companies Pay FDA Advisers After Drugs Are Approved
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  • Wayne

    The FDA needs to be completely restructured. After the deal Hillary and Obama made with Big Pharma and the deaths that run well over a million senior citizens every year from everyday maintenance medicines. These aren’t narcotics they are blood pressure, diabetes, statins and prostate medication. My understanding is the FDA doesn’t even fall under US Government guidelines anymore which is why they are able to accept tens of millions of dollars from the Pharmaceutical giants. Another Obama gift to Senior Citizens to depopulate the US. Many of these medicines have been banned in the EU but once again Obamas way of getting rid of 50 to 55 years old and older. The people that were raised to pray, pledge of allegiance to flag and just plain patriotic. Who hasn’t seen the FDA czar that Obama put in place that President Trump is supposedly unable to remove from office.


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