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Sessions Rescinds 24 Guidances on Minority Protections
by Josh @ Countable
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  • Sharon

    To Representative Lawson, Senator Nelson, and Senator Rubio: Countable summarizes these revocations, as quoted here, in case you haven’t had time to read them. My comments are in parentheses: Revocations 1-7 “deal with the way children are treated when they are suspected or accused of breaking the law.” (Children do not have logic systems formally developed until their early 20s. This has been repeatedly confirmed in studies since 1979.) Revocation 8 “involves a federal program which pays back state and local governments for incarcerating undocumented criminal aliens who have committed more serious crimes.” (This just looks stingy!) Revocation 9 involves research into “whether schools disproportionately dole out punishments on the basis of race, national origin, native language, sex, or disability.” (I’ve worked in schools. There is blatant discrimination, even in determining the victim and the perpetrator) Revocations 10-11 deal with advice for people seeking mortgages and warnings against so-called “predatory” home equity loans. (A wink wink to the banking system that nearly tanked us?) Revocation 12 “takes aim at a George W. Bush era document prepared to alert all Americans about the unconstitutional nature of being discriminated against on the basis of their national origin.” (Unless you are EuroAmerican, this discrimination not only occurs but is also statistically on the rise.) Revocations 13-14 “deal with workers’ rights for various classes of immigrants” to the U.S., including a document meant to assist immigrants who encounter discrimination in the workplace. (No surprise here...Mar Largo will be pleased). Revocations 15-17 “target people who don’t understand English particularly well, but who may nevertheless occasionally find themselves in need of accessing the U.S. court system.” (The law applies only to those who speak English? That’s not what the Constitution says.) Revocations 18-24 are those that received most of the attention when they were announced earlier this week, the ones aimed at recipients of affirmative action. (Affirmative action works...I guess we can’t have that...hope, I mean.)

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