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White House Proposes Merging Education and Labor Departments
by Causes
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  • Pat

    The Department of Education and Labor should be joined as one. Neither needs such a big workforce and from what I understand, both have huge facilities in DC and it has become questionable as to how they can justify all the office space and, if they have enough employees to fill the offices--WHY! Both are small departments! It makes sense that Education and Labor could better address the needs of education in the changing work environments that are shaping up due to automization and efficiency. Skills training is needed and will be needed more in the future. Dept. of Education has always been less than satisfactory (I was a public school teacher for 40+ years) and I know (first-hand) most of their ideas were disasters and still are! DeVos has certainly been weak (in my opinion). She is a smart lady, but well versed in what it takes to address education for the future, is questionable. MERGE THE TWO DEPARTMENTS IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT A LONG DEBATE IN CONGRESS. YOU GUYS TAKE MUCH TO MUCH TIME IN ADDRESSING ISSUES THAT ARE A "SLAM-DUNK"!


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